About Us


The product
Fontip developed and patented a new method for sending colorful text messages with fonts and icons from any Java enabled handset to any MMS enabled device.

The new messaging standard is called FMS: Font Messaging Service.

Fontip service is the perfect solution for users for adding personal touch to messages and is also generating significant source of revenues to mobile operators.

New developments in the personalization field are constantly created by Fontip crew and offered for the operators.
The company
The company was established by a pioneer in the designed font field and a highly experienced IT team . The core team of the privately held company includes a technical department, Sys personnel and graphic design department .
The FMS system was launched commercially with the two biggest mobile operators in Israel: Orange and Cellcom. Fontip launched the service also in Avea Turkey and in the process of deploying its services with leading mobile operators in Europe and Asia (1st and 2nd Tier).

Fontip established branched marketing channels worldwide with various aggregators in order to shroten time to market periods and enable fast implementations with operators.