A revolution in the mobile messaging world!
FMS - Font Messaging Service
From now, every mobile user can send colorful text messages combined with JUMPY icons and crazy slangons!

It's amazing - but the recipients need to install nothing on their mobile devices in order to view the colorful message you've just sent them!
Myfont, a young, creative and ambitious company has developed and patented a technology and a method that enable every mobile user editing and sending text messages with variable fonts and icons from most of TODAY's mobile devices to any MMS capable phone!
How can I do that?
Simply install Myfont's FREE application on your handset and start composing COOL messages to your friends. Ask your mobile network operator how to get it.

The FREE application comes complete with tens of wonderful designed fonts and icons - just select the font you like or change it within the same message, combine one or more icons and.. press SEND...
AND – if the fonts you got FREE are not enough –

You are welcome to choose hundreds of special fonts, icons and slangons from MyFont's rich library and download to your mobile.